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Introduction to the archaeometallurgy of iron
Donald B. Wagner

References on Chinese crucible smelting

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Good photographs of crucible smelting.

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The curious crucible smelting technology practised in Yining 伊宁, Xinjiang, with bottomless crucibles.

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Some technical information.

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Crucible smelting, pp. 369–372.

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Excellent technical description, with good diagrams.

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P. 367, brief description of crucible smelting. Good photograph of crucible making.

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Largely on modern developments. Very brief description of crucible smelting, with three good photographs.

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The curious crucible smelting technology practised in Yining 伊宁, Xinjiang, with bottomless crucibles.

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Not seen. According to Bennet Bronson: Pp. 620–621, crucible smelting in Taiyuanfu; pp. 624–625, crucible smelting in Yangzhu Xishan.

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Crucible smelting, p. 398.

———. 1912. The coal and mineral resources of Shansi province, China, analytically examined. Stockholm: Norstedt.
Photograph of a crucible smelting furnace, p. 57. There is a Chinese translation, which I have not seen: Jin kuang 晉礦, by Xin Changfu 新常富.

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The history of the Shanxi iron industry from earliest times to the 20th century, based on numerous primary written sources. Production statistics.

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Pp. 23–28, brief description of crucible smelting. Analyses of ores and iron. Photographs.

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Good photographs.

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Vol. 2, pp. 323–327, crucible smelting in Shanxi, an especially detailed description.

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Crucible smelting, pp. 95–99.

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