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The Royal University Library
Oslo, Norway

Catalogue of older Chinese Books

Donald B. Wagner

16 May 1992

© Universitetsbiblioteket i Oslo, 1992.


This catalogue covers the "older Chinese collection" of the Oslo University Library - books whose shelf-marks begin with Hs and which are thread-bound in the traditional Chinese manner. These books have not previously been satisfactorily catalogued. Also included are a selection of more recently acquired traditional Chinese books, with shelf-marks beginning with I: though these are already catalogued, their inclusion means that the present catalogue covers all or nearly all of the Library's Chinese bibliophilia.

The catalogue has three parts: (1) The catalogue proper, ordered alphabetically and with one entry for each work. The entries are formed as normal library catalogue entries, and can be used in the creation of cards for the Library card catalogue. (2) The index to the catalogue. This includes all author and editor names, all titles and alternate titles, and all publishers. (3) The shelf list, ordered after shelf-mark and with one entry for each shelf-item. This part gives more information about the books than is found in the first part, and gives it in a format similar to that of a traditional Chinese catalogue of rare books (Shanben shumu 善本書目).

The basic cataloguing work was done on three one-week visits to Oslo in the period September 1991 to March 1992. Many thanks are due to the Library staff for their hospitality during these visits and to the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation of the Republic of China for paying travel expenses as well as a generous honorarium.

Donald B. Wagner
Copenhagen, 16 May 1992

In this Web version a few more books have been included than in the published version. Links are provided from entries in the Catalogue to the corresponding entries in the Shelf list. I have not found a practical way to include the index, so users will have to use their browsers' search facilities to find what they are looking for.


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